About Jackie Pt. 4

About Jackie Pt. 4


The long weekend passed and Tuesday I called Suzanne with a newfound zeal and enthusiasm for creating my family. I will have to go through various steps including being finger printed, getting life insurance, and meeting with a social worker, various classes and a whole myriad of unknowns. Gone were the days of crying my pain away in the back of dark spin classes with blasting music. 

Now I walked in the streets, head held high and telling people, “hi, I’m adopting a baby!” 

The day had arrived to meet with my social worker. I was quite nervous. Do I serve food?  Do I go Sweet, salty, gluten free, vegan, juice, coffee, no caffeine, what would she think if I served the wrong thing? How could I raise a kid in NYC who eats gluten and sugar? 

The elevators opened up to my apt, and this stranger immediately declares “you’re going to get a baby fast. I feel it”. I look at her puzzled by such a declaration, but felt oddly comforted by her warmth, and confidence that yes, I will get my forever family. 

She then asks to use the rest room, and explains she was stuck in traffic for a long time. 

Every second she was in the bathroom, felt like an eternity waiting for her to emerge.

When she finally did, she seemed almost as frazzled as I did.  

“You have a Starfish”. She stated, but almost as a question.  

“I do” I replied. “I have two”

What’s up with the starfish? I thought.  

We sit down and she begins to tell me about a fable about a young boy walking down the beach. Along the shore, he saw hundreds of starfish, drying out in the sun. He picks up each starfish he finds and quickly tried throwing them in the ocean save them. An older man, sees this and approach’s the child. The old man asked what he was doing. “Saving the starfish” the boy replied. “The tide washed them up onto the beach...when the sun gets high, they will die, unless I can throw them back in the water.”

The old man replied, “But there are too many starfish on this beach. I’m afraid you won’t be able to make much of a difference.”

The boy bent down, picked one up. “I made a difference to that one!”  

Ok, maybe having a starfish was a good sign. I needed to believe in something, and Karen made it easy to warm up to the idea that I could be a mom soon. She was dripping in silver jewelry with dangling starfish everywhere, so I sighed a sigh of relief and we continued on with the interview. 

As we chatted, we signed with a notary, she asked, what time is it? “1:11”, I replied.

"Make a wish!” she said...Ironic, I thought

Then she said, “What’s your social security number? 

111-XX-XXXX I replied.  


Without spoiling the next part of the story;

Julia was born....on 11-12-13 

111 again 


Let's just say, I am a fan of the starfish, hence the two starfish in my logo. 


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