Jackie and Julia

This Is Us

Last night Julia and I had dinner with one of Julia’s friends and her parents. As we ran down Avenue A trying to find a hamburger joint, that I suggested and had since closed..... (that’s how often I eat out) Julia’s friend was running holding her daddy’s hand. Behind were the mommies➡️➡️ I just felt something in my heart... and tried to run to catch up to them to avoid what I felt was about to happen.  My fear was that Julia would feel left out. I knew my little girl would never grab the daddy's hand and start skipping as well. Instead, she skipped next to them, her ponytails swinging in the air, with a big smile on her face. 
“I don’t have a daddy” she said. 
“But that’s okay. I have my Abuelo & Bryan” (grandpa & uncle)
My heart skipped a beat, as I held my breathe. I didn't know what would come out of her mouth, and I wasn't fast enough to save her.  Instead of shame, by beautiful girl  was filled with pride, and myself even more so..
I had raised her knowing it was ok to be different. That each family could look different and have a different number of people, but be filled with love. I was proud that Julia said it the utmost confidence, not shame. Maybe it's me, I was scared she would be upset that she didn't have a dad, or her family was different.  
As an adult we know that kids can be cruel and there might be certain social stigmas attached to my unconventional family. Maybe I think one day someone will make fun of her, like “you don’t have a daddy”
After all, it was my crazy dream to become a single parent. Last night though, made all the hard work, and not so sexy Saturday nights worth it 👯‍♀️ #thisisus #singlemom