Morgan Libero

Morgan Libero is a tall, pretty, blonde, mother of one gorgeous baby boy and part of a super close knit Italian family. A speech pathologist by day, she also works on weekends with her husband in their family’s jewelry store, Libero Jewelers. One would think, this girl has it all! Then you peel back the layers and realize that not everything came so easy, and how she now gives back.

In 2012, Morgan and her husband were diagnosed with significant Male Factor Infertility. Without interventions, they had a 0% chance of having a biological child. She remembers promising herself, her husband and the unborn baby that if they were ever to receive a miracle, she would essentially pay-it-forward by helping others battling infertility. After almost two years of waiting and hormone therapy, they underwent one IVF cycle and were blessed with the sweetest baby boy.

While it was so worth the wait, she remembers all too well the longing for a kiss, to see the wiggle of ten little toes and feeling the darkness of not knowing if they would ever get that chance.

Last February, two years to the day of the IVF transfer, Morgan launched an infertility support blog named On Prayers and Needles
( to get their story out there in hopes of being able to inspire and guide the 1 in 8 couples whom are dealing with infertility. “It’s extraordinary what just sharing your story can do for others,” says Morgan.

Morgan is hopeful that by paying-it-forward she is teaching her son the importance of acknowledging our blessings and aspiring to help others in gratitude. Morgan says, “ I’d also like to think that my passion for infertility and sharing how we became his proud parents will also serve as a reminder of how very wanted and loved he was, far before we even were able to hold him in our arms.”

Being a spiritual person, Morgan cherishes her engagement ring and wedding band as the greatest symbol of the love her and her husband share together. She also has an extra special piece that is sentimental to her. While in the midst of their battle with infertility, her husband surprised her with a citrine and diamond ring. It wasn’t the aesthetics of the ring that made it so beautiful; it was the sentiment behind it. Someone had told him that citrine was a healing stone, so he had it set in a mounting and engraved HOPE on the inside. Morgan says, “That ring is a precious reminder of all we endured to get to where we are today as parents.”

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