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Jodi Cutler

Published author, super mom and Consultant to Cochlear Europe, Middle East & Africa: meet Jodi Cutler Everything changed when Jodi discovered her son had a bilateral sensorineural profound hearing loss two months after moving to Italy in 1997. He was ten months old at the time, and the Audiologist said, “Your son is Deaf. You live in Italy. You must speak Italian to your son, no English, or he will be too confused and never learn to speak.” Hearing that at the time was just insult to injury. Fast forward eight years when Jordan received his first cochlear implant, and their lives changed from incredibly difficult to liberating! The cochlear implant gave him access to his surrounding world filled with...

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Jenny Green Powers

On 7-29-04 Jenny had a gold charm inscribed with the date 7-29-04 because it was the worst day of her life and she wanted a solid reminder that things could only get better from here.That morning she had told her husband she was leaving him. Asked unexpectedly to work an event that night, she went because it beat staying home and crying. She put on her newly inscribed charm and went to work. That evening she met a handsome stranger. He asked why she was wearing today's date around her neck, and Jenny told him the reason why this was the worst day of her life. The man told Jenny that he would call her in 2 months time to...

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