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Bethany and Her Boys

Jackie met Bethany at a HeyMama event, and was immediately drawn to her beauty and grace. As they connected, Jackie discovered Bethany had a personality that was as sweet as can be! They bonded over how much they loved their babies and how they love to keep a little piece of them with them where ever they go. This could be anything from a pacifier to the perfect piece of jewelry to signify their birthday. Read how Bethany uses My Story to keep her boys close, here.  

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Instore Magazine - Rainbows in the Desert

Author Barbara Palumbo, of Instore Magazine, reviews this years trends at the Centurion Show in Scotsdale, Arizona.  "With Centurion being the first major American jewelry trade show of the year (Vicenzaoro in Vicenza, Italy, is the first international show), it’s often the place many retailers look for trends, and this year’s show was no exception. The trend most apparent would have to be multicolored and rainbow-inspired gemstone pieces, which we saw in the form of... stackable bands at My Story...." Read full article here

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Engagement 101 - Stackable Bands

Severine Ferrari is the editor in chief at the very popular Engagement 101. She put together a wonderful article about how to build the perfect stack featuring My Story, along with many other talented designers! Read the full article here!

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