The Jasmine Charm "mamacita"
The Jasmine Charm "mamacita"

The Jasmine Charm "mamacita"

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Best selling Jasmine charm. This mamacita enamel heart makes this mamas heart skip a beat...One of my fav's ever. Available in any color, but hot pink seems appropriate.

Shown in Fuchsia enamel

Available in Apple, Fuchsia, Ballet Slipper, Sunflower, Pebble, Olive, Powder Blue, Turquoise, Navy, Snow, Night, Plum enamel.

Available in 14k rose, white and, yellow gold metal.

6 diamonds = 0.06ct. 

Measures approx. 6/8 inch L X 6/8 inch W.

For customization please email


*Please note 4 to 5 week delivery.