The Lupe Charm ( Rainbow)

The Lupe Charm ( Rainbow)

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This brilliant star charm showcases the beauty of a rainbow. The Lupe is the perfect statement piece to add to any #neckmess. The rainbow gemstones are scattered to create the perfect pop of color and add a sense of whimsy to any outfit. 

Available in 14k rose, white and, yellow gold metal.

1 garnet = 0.05ct.,1 ruby = 0.06ct.,1pink tourmaline = 0.08ct.,1 citrine = 0.05ct.,1 aquamarine = 0.05ct.,1 peridot = 0.08ct.,1 emerald = 0.05ct.,1 blue topaz = 0.05ct.,1 sapphire - 0.06t.,1 amethyst = 0.05ct. 

Measures approximately 1 inch L X 1 inch W.

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