Barbara Palumbo

Barbara Palumbo

Gorgeous. Smart. Tall glass of water, with a rocking bod, and a mouth who curses like a truck driver. This powerhouse also writes so eloquently you might need a dictionary to figure out the “big” words. As a wicked cool, working mama of two beautiful ginger babies, Barbara Palumbo is a powerful woman. Her tall presence alone grabs your attention, but then you get to know her and you can see she is passionate about being a voice for women while helping and supporting those around her.

But it wasn’t always this way. This beautiful and outspoken majestic mama, at one time found herself without a voice: in an abusive relationship. Barbara had to learn to love herself and find the courage to break free. “Abuse comes in all forms: mental, verbal, physical, and emotional, mainly. But when you realize your own worth... that’s the key.” She had to come to realize that she was worth more than the way she was being treated. “This is something that many women struggle with. Barbara says, “When you realize that they fear you leaving more than you fear staying, that will be the thing that empowers you. It was hard to leave, and really scary, but I haven’t looked back.” This pivotal moment has become the core of the women supporting women adage.

What inspires Barbara today? "Women who stand up for women. Women who encourage women, and who help other women without being jealous or critical or catty. I learned long ago I wasn’t the smartest, prettiest, or youngest woman around, and that there would always be someone else who could beat me at whatever it was that I had chosen to do, and at that moment of enlightenment I realized that we really are united as a gender” says Barbara.

She adds, “I make it a point to tell women younger than I when they look fabulous, or when they’ve done a killer job at something. There is no greater compliment to me than one I receive from an older woman who kicks ass and takes names, so I do my best to pay that forward.” I love this about Barbara too!

Now a successful career in the watch world, which is filled with men in suits, Barbara continues to break barriers. “ Success has a lot to do with perseverance, but it also has to do with knowing your craft, consistently learning, being open to criticism, and remaining ethical…..Being a woman doesn’t mean it’s your job to make everyone around you happy; you’re only duty is making YOU happy”

I’m glad this fearless woman has found her happiness and continues to inspire and support other women on this journey we call life.

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