My Story was founded in 2017 when Jackie designed a simple piece of jewelry to celebrate her journey to motherhood.

Inspired by her Adoption journey, Jackie created a simple band with Julia's birthstone in it and found that the ring sparked conversation wherever she went.

Jackie would share her personal journey and in return, she received other people's stories and more importantly, a connection to their life.

A few special requests and a collection was born!

What began as a collection of stackable rings has evolved into rainbow, personalization, enamel, fluting, and not just rings. Many different types of ways to tell your own story.

My Story wants YOU to tell your own story through our fun, sentimental pieces that are meant to be mixed, matched, layered, and personalized to make it extra special to you.

Hand crafted

All of our pieces are hand-crafted at our factories. We specialize in 14K gold often incorporating diamonds and colored stones into all of our creations. All our pieces are finished from top to bottom, inside and out.


Every piece we make is designed for YOU! We want you to be able to tell your story through all of our different types of pieces. Be able to celebrate birthdays, milestones, special occassions, and more.


All of our pieces come from the heart and tell a story. Perhaps of a new love, an old love, love for your kids. Perhaps it tells the story of generations of grandparents and sometimes, sadly even loss. Jackie's love story is the inspiration of the Love pendant, a best seller shown the right.