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Alway's Under Construction

CURRRRENT MOOD💕Man have I learned a lot over the past few weeks. I’m even having a tough time talking about it. I was never afraid of hard work.... I challenge many to find a harder hustler. I love what I do with a passion. I love selling. I love designing. I love hearing the stories of the special people who will be receiving their future heirloom. What I don’t love are excel spreadsheets!! 🔎✏️📁 As an emerging brand, everyday I feel like I start at zero. Actually, every Sunday➡️when I get my sales reports. Monday you start again, and in finance the phrase was, “your only as good as your last trade”. Shit is tough. And sometimes, you need to...

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A Mountain to Remember

On Jan 5, 2005 I quit my job at Bear Stearns. Burnt out, unfulfilled, uninspired, angry, single and carrying around 20 more pounds of overpriced steak 🍖dinners from entertaining clients. I set out on a trip around the world 🌎. First line of business, climbing Kilimanjaro!! I had never even hiked before, but I think I needed to sweat out the toxins of #wallstreet I wanted the complete opposite of my #brooksbrotherssuit #pearls and life of gluttony and overinflated egos. I wanted to get dirty, sweat, sleep in a tent under the stars, and more so, a physical challenge. little did I know was actually a mental one. The quest to keep going when you don't want to is all a #mindset.When your legs tell you...

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An Abuela's Love

This beautiful hand belongs to my mama, Ana. The most amazing abuela Julia and I could ever have dreamed of. This beautiful, unfiltered, untouched photos tell the story of her grand babies and her kids. All on one finger. Her loves. My heart swells to see her wear all the bands together, because she loves them, not because I made them but because they represent the ones she loves, and her legacy  #abuela #family#adoptionrocks #familyfirst #grandma#grandparents #love #lovewins #stacked#stacksarethenewblack #showmeyourrings#birthstone #birthstonering #unfiltered#barneysnewyork #stackrings #hands#tellastory

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Hip Hip Hooray!

Hip Hip Hooray for moms day off! As an avid hiker, I have always trusted the mountains to lead me ( and the trail markers, in blue and white 💙) It's the one place to be alone with my thoughts. I have NO where to rush too, or take any calls or emails. I love that the only sound is the leaves under your feet. the fresh air & blue skies fill your lungs and each time my chest expands, i feel stress leaving me. It's been a really hectic few weeks with the transition of my new business and julia going to school. I am trying to commit to one day a month for me. .As a full time...

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A Look Back

Four years ago the earth 🌏 stood still for me, as I️ witnessed the birth of my daughter. Life as I️ had known it would never be the same. You came into this world without a sound. You didn’t cry for a few minutes. We all stood still. I stood there, holding a baby...instantly in love, yet terrified to bond.. was this for real?➡️Did I️ just become a mom? After so many losses and so much pain and sadness, did I️ get my family? Finally the silence was broken by a 😢 cry... and the world started to move again.... and hasn’t stopped since. Years move at a records pace, and watching you grow and change everyday is a gift....

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