Jenny Green Powers

Jenny Green Powers

On 7-29-04 Jenny had a gold charm inscribed with the date 7-29-04 because it was the worst day of her life and she wanted a solid reminder that things could only get better from here.That morning she had told her husband she was leaving him. Asked unexpectedly to work an event that night, she went because it beat staying home and crying. She put on her newly inscribed charm and went to work.

That evening she met a handsome stranger. He asked why she was wearing today's date around her neck, and Jenny told him the reason why this was the worst day of her life. The man told Jenny that he would call her in 2 months time to ask her out to dinner once things had settled down. Sure enough he did.

Fast forward 12 years later, and Jenny together with this 'handsome man', have a 7 year old daughter affectionately nicknamed Goose. She was born on Mother's Day in 2009 -the perfect gift! Goose is a sassy little girl who plans to be President of the United States when she grows up whereupon she intends to move the White House to Brooklyn... When not working on her life goals Goose is busy motivating Jenny to be the best that she can be!

In 2012, sick and tired of attending a series of awkward and just plain awful networking events, Jenny set out to create a different kind of networking event–one where women were excited to attend and left feeling educated, entertained, empowered and eager to attend future events, and so she created a woman's only networking group aptly called Running With Heels: A Busy Woman's Networking Event.

In addition to live events, Powers dishes networking and lifestyle tips to over one million subscribers in her monthly column on DailyWorth, the leading financial website for women. She also produces and hosts a popular podcast called “BroadCast: Broads Building Businesses" which was named a“New and Noteworthy” show on itunes. She has been featured in Crain's New York Business, Fast Company , The Huffington Post and on purpose and choose their own adventure. In fact she even led a TEDx Talk on the subject.

Jenny still wears that charm around her neck, however the meaning has changed. 7-29-04 will always represent the best day of her life!

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