Jill Martin

Jill Martin

Girls want to be her, guys want to date her and if you had the opportunity to sit down and chat with her, you would realize she couldn't be more down to earth.

Meet the amazing Jill Martin!

This independent woman has had multiple books on the NYT best sellers list, works as a correspondent for the NY Knicks, has her own line of clothes on QVC and if that isn’t enough, she has a full time gig as the fashion correspondent for NBC’s Today show.
How does she have time to eat, sleep, date and does she even have downtime to regroup and recharge?

Serial entrepreneur, fashionista, workout addict – she only has two modes: on and off.
I was lucky enough to spend an entire morning with Jill Martin and was so taken back by how open and warm she was. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. Although she was in between takes for the Today Show, she made me feel at ease. It’s easy to see how this woman can balance so many tasks at once with fleeting precision.

Jill attended the University of Michigan where graduated with a degree in Communications, knowing she wanted to be on television. She interned at
Regis & Kathie Lee Gifford, Geraldo. She then spent seven years in Miami as a sports broadcaster for the Miami Heat and CBS WFOR. After her career in Miami, she had an opportunity to come to NYC and work for the NY Knicks. At the very same time, she got an offer to work on The Today Show! As you might imagine this would be a grueling schedule as the days start early for a syndicated morning show and ends late with a basketball game. Add to this her new contemporary collection at QVC, called G.I.L.I Often Jill might finish work in Philadelphia (QVC headquarters)at 12am, get home to NYC at 2am, just to wake up for work at 5am!

Jill works hard and is grateful for all the good in her life. She never complains that she is tired, "Can you imagine saying, ugh, and this is my 4th hair and makeup of the day!" She knows there are a million girls out there who would kill for one of her jobs, never mind having all of them! "Every time I walk into Madison Square Garden, NBC or QVC I am grateful for the amazing places I work.” It was not an easy road to get to this place in her life, she worked very hard to get here and works even harder now EVERY DAY… literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She says, "So I can never say something failed because I didn’t work hard enough."

Now 40 and established, Jill says she is ready to perhaps find that someone special to share her life with.

On her bucket list....outer space. I'm guessing if she puts her mind to it, as with everything she has done, this trailblazer will get there!

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