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First Day of Preschool

So I am sitting in a @starbucks ☕️on First Ave recovering from the post traumatic stress and shock of hearing my kid scream and cry "MOMMY" as I left and the social worker told me, "you need to leave, we will handle this." This whole #momming thing is tough on the heart ❤️ First you don't want them to grow up so quickly, and when it's finally time for them to spread their wings and step into the next phase of life, you pray that it's without tears and screaming. I know this is the first of many rights of passage that I will go through with Julia, but for today, I needed my own space to step aside, sit with my ☕️ and...

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Jackie's Journey - How this all began

The MY STORY collection came about from a simple piece of sentimental fine jewelry I designed to commemorate my very unconventional journey into motherhood.A few years ago, I was a burnt out Wall Street trader. Although I had a successful 12 year run in finance, I was left angry and unfulfilled. A naturally free spirit, unnaturally confined to white button downs and a strand of pearls for far too long, I decided travel was what I needed to clear my head. So I up and quit my job to leave for my first stop, Africa.I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, running away from, or chasing, but I knew I needed to get away to find myself, and find...

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Go Big or Go Home!

Go big or go home 💪🏼 This Monday, I choose BIG! My XL dogatg measures 1" of pure 💛Sometimes scale is hard to see in pics, so I figured this might help✅Available to create with any stones you choose! Next up is yellow gold w sapphire 💙&💎 #gobigorgohome#mondaymotivation #biggerisbetter#sizematters #dogtag #personalize#makeitpersonal #personalizedjewelry#initialnecklace #customjewelry #gold#sapphire #jewelryaddict #jewelrygram#jewelryaddict #necklace#necklacesofinstagram #layeringnecklaces#lux #everydayluxury #jewelryblogger

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Top Moments

Top moments of 2017 means a lot of things to a lot of people. To a birth mom it probably means a whole slew of other things. Every year at this time, I create a book and fill it with pictures & stories of the adventures Julia and I had and try and give the birth mom a little peak into how Julia’s life is, and how she has grown up. I include pictures of birthdays, holidays, Hiking, campfires, family time and just simple moments like food shopping with her cousins.  I often get the question, “is it an open Adoption?” And “do you keep in touch with the birth mom”. It is open, and this is what I signed...

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A Little Distracted

This is the pic of a busy as f$*%ck working mom/entrepreneur who neglected to realize it was her birthday, (other the all the festivities 🎉🎁 and champagne 🥂 🥂) and let her license expire... only to arrive in dallas, for a 3️⃣ day trunk show and can't rent a 🚗 ..... luckily it's @uber to the rescue!  ALSO NOTE, I haven't lived in the west village in five years! Time for a new #license 🙏🍷#mystory #parentingtheshitoutoflife #mommingainteasy #thejuggleisreal #needaglassofwine   

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