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Hannah Star of David Pendant Necklace

Hannah Star of David Pendant Necklace

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On a boat full of Jews escaping persecution, somewhere along the Atlantic Ocean, Julia Chaika Schwartzbaum, was born into the world along this journey, eventually landing in Cuba.

In Havana, Julia and her family settled in a small Cuban Jewish community and as an adult, she started a family of her very own.  Julia, my grandmother, went on to marry my grandfather, Jaime and have two daughters: my mother, Ana and her younger sister, both born in Havana.  Once Castro came into power; Jews knew it was time to flee yet again - this time to the United States. My grandparents set forth to America, with their two children in tow, my mom, 12 years old and her sister, just 6 years old. Subsequently, my father also made his own trek from Havana to the States, all by himself at just 16 years old.

Julia and Jaime both worked hard to provide and better their life. My grandfather even went to night high-school after sweeping floors in the factory.  He then attended college at the age of 82!  My grandparents had tremendous pride in their journey. Tremendous pride in being Jewish.  They passed that pride onto their children and four grandkids.  I feel their pride and think of their journey today more than ever!

When actress and Jewish activist Debra Messing commented on one of my posts with me wearing my vintage Star of David pendant passed down to me from my grandma Julia, I knew that was my sign to recreate it!  I am very honored to have Debra wear and show her Jewish pride, with the very first Star of David charm made, based on my very own grandmother's pendant.

Am Yisrael Chai!

With the purchase of the Hannah Star of David Pendant, a donation will be made to support the IDF. The donation amounts are noted below: 

  • Pendant only and/or Pendant on 20” cable chain- $360
  • Pendant on "Athena" Chain necklace with gold clasp-$540
  • Pendant on "Athena" Chain necklace with diamond clasp- $720

Product Details:

  • Available in 14k yellow gold featuring turquoise gemstones. 
  • Pendant size is 1.4" inches or 35mm round.
  • Each pendant is engraved on the back with "Am Yisrael Chai, We Will Dance Again, 10.7.23"
  • Offered four ways: Pendant only, Pendant on 14k yellow gold 20" cable chain with 18" jump ring, Pendant on 14k yellow gold "Athena" Chain necklace with gold clasp, and Pendant on 14k yellow gold "Athena" Chain necklace with diamond clasp. 
  • Made in NYC
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