Top Moments

Top Moments

Top moments of 2017 means a lot of things to a lot of people. To a birth mom it probably means a whole slew of other things. Every year at this time, I create a book and fill it with pictures & stories of the adventures Julia and I had and try and give the birth mom a little peak into how Julia’s life is, and how she has grown up. I include pictures of birthdays, holidays, Hiking, campfires, family time and just simple moments like food shopping with her cousins. 

I often get the question, “is it an open Adoption?” And “do you keep in touch with the birth mom”. It is open, and this is what I signed up for. When creating the book, Its always filled with mixed emotions. I love sharing the happy smiles, our visits to Disney, taking the subway in Manhattan and showing her what our life is like .... but I always wonder how the birth mom must feel reading it, seeing it.

It’s been four years now and 15 updates so far. I save a printed copy of each and every one for Julia to read one day. I want her to know the things I shared with her birthmom So here’s to a great 2018 and may it be filled with lots of new memories to make and fill in each of our books of life 💕👯💕

XOXO, Jackie

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