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Barbara Palumbo

Gorgeous. Smart. Tall glass of water, with a rocking bod, and a mouth who curses like a truck driver. This powerhouse also writes so eloquently you might need a dictionary to figure out the “big” words. As a wicked cool, working mama of two beautiful ginger babies, Barbara Palumbo is a powerful woman. Her tall presence alone grabs your attention, but then you get to know her and you can see she is passionate about being a voice for women while helping and supporting those around her. But it wasn’t always this way. This beautiful and outspoken majestic mama, at one time found herself without a voice: in an abusive relationship. Barbara had to learn to love herself and find...

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Pam Fischer

Ever since Pam was a little girl, she envisioned herself as being a mother. This was her lifelong dream. Divorced in her early 30's, Pam found herself in the NYC lifestyle. Casual dating and nights on the town, running into a lot of Mr. Wrongs, actually living the Sex and the City lifestyle. It was fun and exciting but something was still missing. Pam, now 41, still hadn't met the right guy. She finally decided to take matters into her own hands began research for IVF treatments. Then she made the life changing decision that she was going to become a single mother, by choice. With a leap of faith she relocated back to California because she knew she wanted...

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Melissa Berry

At age 32 Melissa tested positive for the BRCA gene. She wasn’t surprised, as there was a history of breast cancer in her family. Melissa always tries to see the silver lining in even the most challenging situations. In this case, she and her oncologist agreed that knowledge was power; her BRCA gene status would now become the road map to her health. She was closely observed and was diligent about making sure she got her mammograms, MRI’s and clinical exams on a regular basis. When Melissa was 42, she made her annual mammogram appointment. This was an unusual one for her because the clinician discovered a very small (but suspicious) lump right away. They weren’t sure what it was,...

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Morgan Libero

Morgan Libero is a tall, pretty, blonde, mother of one gorgeous baby boy and part of a super close knit Italian family. A speech pathologist by day, she also works on weekends with her husband in their family’s jewelry store, Libero Jewelers. One would think, this girl has it all! Then you peel back the layers and realize that not everything came so easy, and how she now gives back. In 2012, Morgan and her husband were diagnosed with significant Male Factor Infertility. Without interventions, they had a 0% chance of having a biological child. She remembers promising herself, her husband and the unborn baby that if they were ever to receive a miracle, she would essentially pay-it-forward by helping...

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Becky Fawcett

The average household income in our country is $54,000, the average adoption costs is $40,000. This is the financial hurdle posed by a process that costs 74% of the average household's gross income. This is the most significant obstacle between a child living an unsatisfactory and institutionalized life in foster care or an orphanage versus the safe, encouraging, and loving life that parents can provide in a stable home.After numerous miscarriages, Becky Fawcett and her husband Kipp decided to go the route of adoption but were one of those families struggling with this financial burden. Becky says, “I couldn’t image my life childless just because I couldn’t afford it.” When the struggle became a little too tough, Becky and Kipp...

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