First Day of Preschool

First Day of Preschool

So I am sitting in a @starbucks ☕️on First Ave recovering from the post traumatic stress and shock of hearing my kid scream and cry "MOMMY" as I left and the social worker told me, "you need to leave, we will handle this."

This whole #momming thing is tough on the heart ❤️ First you don't want them to grow up so quickly, and when it's finally time for them to spread their wings and step into the next phase of life, you pray that it's without tears and screaming. I know this is the first of many rights of passage that I will go through with Julia, but for today, I needed my own space to step aside, sit with my ☕️ and 😭 cry it out too. Any mom advise on separation is greatly appreciated 📓📚💪🏼

And if you see any other moms in a coffee shop crying alone, don't think she's nuts. no one prepares you for this thing we call #parenting .
PS obligatory first day pic... clearly none of just Julia , as she was clinging on to me for dear life & note, I am the only one smiling in any 📸 

XOXO, Jackie

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