Alway's Under Construction

Alway's Under Construction

CURRRRENT MOOD💕Man have I learned a lot over the past few weeks. I’m even having a tough time talking about it. I was never afraid of hard work.... I challenge many to find a harder hustler.

I love what I do with a passion. I love selling. I love designing. I love hearing the stories of the special people who will be receiving their future heirloom. What I don’t love are excel spreadsheets!! 🔎✏️📁

As an emerging brand, everyday I feel like I start at zero. Actually, every Sunday➡️when I get my sales reports. Monday you start again, and in finance the phrase was, “your only as good as your last trade”. Shit is tough. And sometimes, you need to take a step back and regroup. Rip the bandaid off, starts a new spreadsheet and start fresh, which is what we did today. It was hard and for the best, but scary. Will I be ok? Will I survive? Will they still like @mystoryjewelry ? It’s hard...

I just have to take a deep breathe and keep forging forward and know, that we are all a work in progress. If it was easy, everyone would do it, and forgive myself that sometimes as hard as we work, sometimes we fall. We have to wipe off our skinned knees, put on your big girl panties, take a shot of tequila and go out there again and remember the spirit that got us to where we are today!


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