Over drinks 🍸 with @delphinejewelry a few years ago, I was wearing my XL dog tag. Delfine commented, “I didn’t know you made necklaces. I thought you only made rings”. 🤦‍♀️
Back then, my brand was in its infancy, as well was any knowledge I had about branding, Instagram, blogger world, networking or swipe-ups
“Yes, I make a few necklaces too”. I replied. “So show them!!” Delfine said!! I literally had no clue. 🤦‍♀️ Today, I can’t get enough of my everyday changing #neckmess 💚everyday I challenge myself to grow, and push myself and my creative process to new boundaries. Everyday is a challenge to design something new, that I will love, that hopefully others will love... enough to spend their money on! Everyday, I question “am I doing this right?” “Is this sell-able?” “Can i make the goal this month, so I can create the work/kids balance I desire in life?” “Can I make money and give back to a charity for adoption?” “Do others sense my passion?” “Am I doing this right!!”❗️❗️❗️#SOS 
Some days your on top of the world and some days are filled with self doubt. Today I need to inhale and breathe and know I doing my best, and my proposals from Vegas will come back, some will close, some won’t. Your mind has the power to scare you away from things you never knew you were ready for. Each moment creates a unknown path designed to bring us to the next level. So that said, LET'S DO THIS!