“Write more, spell check, and show your face more”

“Write more, spell check, and show your face more”

I had the pleasure of having lunch with an amazing female entrepreneur yesterday Barbara Warren of Perenial Project. Years ago she built a sweater company that was in the finest stores around the country, and worn by biggest celebrities. She sold that and is now figuring out her next move. In the meantime, we talked about the idea of building a brand. I always say, it’s not just about the jewelry. While I love “my story” and the journey that brought me to start my company, for me, I love the all facets of the creative process. 

I have so many ideas. I love the networking and the grass roots pride of doing it on my own. It’s hard. I love seeking the next collaboration. Currently, I am working on a fun collab with @sonnetjames that you will get a little more info next week. I am dying to make a jewelry travel case with a brand, and have reached out to a few (if anyone knows any great travel case companies, DM me!) or a children’s clothing company!  

That’s when @perennialproject offered me some feedback. “Write more, spell check, and show your face more” So here I am again. Showing my face. In front of my pretty pink wall of inspiration telling you all, my job isn’t a job. It would be silly to call it a job, it’s so much more. I am proud to be a #femalefounders who is building a business, a life for my child and I, a brand and #buildingadream

XOXO, Jackie

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