A Mountain to Remember

A Mountain to Remember

On Jan 5, 2005 I quit my job at Bear Stearns. Burnt out, unfulfilled, uninspired, angry, single and carrying around 20 more pounds of overpriced steak 🍖dinners from entertaining clients. I set out on a trip around the world 🌎.

First line of business, climbing Kilimanjaro!! I had never even hiked before, but I think I needed to sweat out the toxins of #wallstreet I wanted the complete opposite of my #brooksbrotherssuit #pearls and life of gluttony and overinflated egos. I wanted to get dirty, sweat, sleep in a tent under the stars, and more so, a physical challenge. little did I know was actually a mental one.

The quest to keep going when you don't want to is all a #mindset.When your legs tell you to give up, and you are dry heaving from altitude sickness, but you came to #Africa to accomplish something, the will to forge on and take the next step is all mental. It was the very best trip of my life ✈️

I love that mountain now. I feel like I left a part of my heart ❤️ there. I am pretty sure the piece I left there was the angry, nasty piece, which is exactly what I wanted to get rid of. What has grown where that anger was is warm, and fuzzy, inspired and now filled with a Mother's love 💝 ➡️

Upon returning back home, I became and avid hiker and spent much time on the trails around the NYC area ➡️➡️ today I am going hiking with @kathyontheat for the first time in months!l 🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️I can't wait to be outside and breathe in the fresh air. To be alone with my thoughts and just hear the sound of my feet on the earth beneath me.

I don't get out on the trails much anymore and I do quite miss that part of my life, but soon enough Julia will be old enough to come with me 🏔 and next time I go to #kili it will be with an open heart ❤️ ready for life's next #adventure.

XOXO, Jackie

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