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Lillian Michelson Julien

After the sudden passing of her daughter Michelle, Lily Julien became more spiritual in a quest to find comprehension of her unimaginable loss. In a dream her daughter spoke to her and said, "I am okay mommy, you are the ones who are not okay, and you need to help each other.” Lily says that at home her two other children, Greer and Spencer, who were young teenagers at the time of the accident, would go out into a world where no one could understand what they had been through. She awoke from that dream with a vision of a place where parents and siblings were coming together for emotional support through alternative healing, using yoga, meditation, reiki, music, and...

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Barbara Palumbo

Gorgeous. Smart. Tall glass of water, with a rocking bod, and a mouth who curses like a truck driver. This powerhouse also writes so eloquently you might need a dictionary to figure out the “big” words. As a wicked cool, working mama of two beautiful ginger babies, Barbara Palumbo is a powerful woman. Her tall presence alone grabs your attention, but then you get to know her and you can see she is passionate about being a voice for women while helping and supporting those around her. But it wasn’t always this way. This beautiful and outspoken majestic mama, at one time found herself without a voice: in an abusive relationship. Barbara had to learn to love herself and find...

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Isaiah Cruz

I’m not sure exactly when I first admitted to myself that I was gay, but it was somewhere between my sophomore and junior year in high school. Growing up in New York City, I was surrounded by just about every type of race, color, creed and religion you could think of. But I was raised in a very conservative Christian family, not to mention a Puerto Rican one, that sheltered me pretty heavily until I went to public school for the first time in tenth grade. I discovered an entire world that celebrated who I really was, who I was scared to show to the world. I could be myself with my friends, but at home and in my religious...

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