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Catch your dreams

I don’t really have a memory of sleeping w a particular toy when I was a kid.My daughter does. She sleeps with, and has attachments to multiplestuffies, particularly, her dream catcher. I bought the dream catcher at alittle plant place on east 12th street, that probably sold, CBD, hash pipes,little crystals and other mystist accoutrements on the way to pick her upfrom her Kindergarten class. Julia went to school at EVCS, East VillageCommunity when we lived in EV. I loved that school. There was a huge feeling of community there. Now I live in NJ, and not so much. There is no pick up and drop off at the school playground. You just put your kid ona bus and give...

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Becky Fawcett

The average household income in our country is $54,000, the average adoption costs is $40,000. This is the financial hurdle posed by a process that costs 74% of the average household's gross income. This is the most significant obstacle between a child living an unsatisfactory and institutionalized life in foster care or an orphanage versus the safe, encouraging, and loving life that parents can provide in a stable home.After numerous miscarriages, Becky Fawcett and her husband Kipp decided to go the route of adoption but were one of those families struggling with this financial burden. Becky says, “I couldn’t image my life childless just because I couldn’t afford it.” When the struggle became a little too tough, Becky and Kipp...

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Aida Phillips Privado

Aida Phillips was always a very spiritual and positive person, but with her journey to adoption, she gained a new perspective on miracles. After two years of fertility struggles, a few failed adoptions and some lawyers who met with the couple only to take their consultation money….she was mentally and physically exhausted. Then they got the call, a family had chosen them! Aida says, “My life changed forever the day we brought home our daughter Milana, we adopted her from birth and it has been the best 5 1/2 years of my life. "I learned the meaning of unconditional love having her as my daughter” she expresses. Aida, born in Mexico City, Mexico and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, had a...

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